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What are some of the biggest concerns when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle? Let us guess, “Am I buying a good car”? “Will this car be problem-free for my family and me”? When engaging in a larger transaction with the hope of making a good investment, these are very natural thoughts. The hard truth is that all vehicles break down. *On average, about 70 million cars break down in the United States annually. In total, that ends up costing car owners over $40 billion each year. At some point, we will all be faced with repairing a vehicle.
As the information mentioned above indicates, you can see how business in the automotive industry may be difficult. A mechanical breakdown causes angst and frustration. Customers often become stressed and want to blame the dealership for unscrupulous activities. Not to mention, repair costs have trended exceedingly high. An engine replacement can range anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000. Often, consumers do not have the funds to maintain their vehicle, let alone be faced with an unexpected critical repair like an engine replacement.

So, how can our company help face this inevitable predicament? Before putting a car up for sale, we first give it a thorough mechanical and safety check to find any problems that need to be fixed immediately. This will assure you that we are trying to stand behind our product to the best of our ability before you purchase from us. This is one way we aim to minimize the stress of deciding where to purchase a vehicle.

Another way to provide help is by including a warranty with every purchase. While other dealerships may guarantee that their cars are reliable, in excellent condition, and trouble-free, we wanted to separate ourselves from the usual phrases and advertisements commonly used in the automotive industry.

Therefore, we considered what sets our product and company apart from the competition and how we can provide more value to both. That’s when Auto Maxx decided to show our customers how much we appreciate them by giving them that extra peace of mind by including a Limited Warranty.

We build in this coverage as a bonus to our customers so that you will continue using Auto Maxx for all your family's transportation needs.

You’ll receive more than good customer service and a new car when you buy from Auto Maxx.

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You know Auto Maxx as a veteran-owned and operated car dealer in Kalamazoo, but we also have a second location that’s helping buyers in Battle Creek and all its bordering cities with the most dependable used cars available in the area. Our goal is to provide our customers with best USED CAR BUYING and financing experiences possible and it takes more than one location to do that.

Auto Maxx in Kalmazoo is a veteran-owned and operated used car dealer. We are happy to help car buyers in all areas of West Michigan find their dream vehicle. Located near Parchment, in Kalamazoo our customer service-focused team provides the best used car buying and FINANCING experiences in the area.

Auto Maxx‘s Battle Creek used car dealer lot is located at the corner of Columbia and Riverside Drive. We have a large selection of quality used vehicles. Regardless of your credit situation Auto Maxx has the perfect car, truck, van, or SUV for you. Stop by soon and come see us at our convenient Battle Creek location. At Auto Maxx, Everyone Drives!

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